Is There An Area Of Your Life That Is Causing You Pain And Needs Healing?

Do you have physical pain or a nagging health problem that is causing you misery and discomfort?

Are you troubled with anxiety, depression, anger or fear, or you have lost hope?

Or, perhaps, you feel over-stressed, low on energy, or somehow stuck, like you need something to change but don’t really know what?

Do you feel that you have tried everything but the root of your physical or emotional pain hasn’t been addressed and that the healing you seek is incomplete?

If so, I can help you through Complete Energy Healing in London.

Heal Your Energy, Heal Your Life

Your energy creates your reality and influences your life experiences.

In order to heal your life, you need to heal your energy, or more precisely your energy field.

Your energy field is made up by Seven major energy centres, also known as Chakras. These Chakras make your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life possible.

For you to thrive, your energy field and your Chakras must be functioning harmoniously.

Energy blocks and toxic patterns in the chakras and the energy field can however deeply affect your health, relationships, emotional & psychological well-being, finances, work life, self-confidence and belief systems.

I'm Here To Help...

Hi, my name is Livia. I'm a professionally trained Energy Healing Therapist in London.

I am able to to detect the blockages in your energy field and can help you to release them and restore the flow of energy in the system.

I can do this in person, when you come to see me, or over a long distance. 

Throughout a course of 4 Energy Healing sessions in London, I guide you through 4 Stages, each representing a stage of the healing process.

You will have the opportunity to decide the pace and the frequency of the sessions based on what feels right for you at this point of your life.

Complete Healing and transformation will only occur when the toxic core patterns are released and replaced by new positive ones. 

The 4 Stages Of Healing

Stage 1

DETECTING THE BLOCKSStarting the Healing Process

At this stage I make my first connection to your energy field and detect the blocks in your 7 Chakras.

Then I begin the healing process by clearing the blockages, cleansing the chakras and harmonizing them for optimal function.

The first stage clears out the smaller blocks, lets in more energy, and prepares your chakras for deeper work in the coming sessions.

Stage 2


At this stage we continue to deepen the process of cleansing each of your Seven Chakras.

We are now going deeper and beginning to bring the deeper blockages to the surface for their release.

Releasing these deeper blockages will allow you to break the old patterns that are holding you back in your life.

More light-energy enters your chakras, starting a "detox process" and working on your more complex issues. You may not notice it yet, but things start to change and to heal under the surface.

Stage 3


At this stage, we deepen the detox process even further and allow even more energy into each chakra.

As we continue clearing the deeper blockages and old patterns, your whole energy field becomes purer and lighter.

As a result, your chakras begin functioning more harmoniously and you start noticing small or big changes in certain areas of your life. You feel the healing is working, and you feel more positive and optimistic.

Your vibration raises, which allows you to start creating new patterns in your life.

Stage 4


At this stage we continue raising your vibration and allowing new energies to come through.

The release process of energy blocks gets lighter and quicker, and the focus of the healing shifts to balancing and stabilising your new energy.

You soon become aware of a transformation in your life, it may be related to your health, relationships, finances, spiritual growth, self-confidence or belief systems. You feel empowered to take charge and create the life you always wanted.

Imagine What Releasing Toxic Energy Patterns Could Mean...

The benefits of Complete Energy Healing in London, or through distance healing, are truly amazing.

Releasing the blockages and toxic energy patterns from your chakras and energy field gives you the opportunity to heal, release, change and transform whatever is holding you back.

Through Complete Energy Healing you can:

♥ aid physical regeneration and natural healing ♥

♥ multiply your energy level ♥

♥ feel good and happy ♥

♥ relieve chronic pain ♥

♥ release limiting beliefs ♥

♥ relax deeply and release stress and tension ♥

♥ unlock your true potential ♥

So Are You Ready For Healing?


This is an introductory session offering you an insight into my energy healing, so you can decide whether this is right for you.

The Discovery Energy Healing session in London includes:

~ Identifying your healing aims.
~ Detecting the core blocks in your energy field.
~ Energy healing addressing smaller blocks.
~ Feedback on the healing.

Price £70



This basic package includes 4 sessions covering the 4 Stages of Healing. 

The Energy Detox Package Includes:

~ Identifying your healing aims.
~ Detecting the core blocks in your energy field.
~ Energy healing covering the 4 Stages of Healing.
~ Feedback on the healing and blocks found.

Price £240


This package includes 7 sessions covering the 4 Stages of Healing and an extra emphasis on one specific Chakra in each session. 

This is for those of you who are ready to go deeper in releasing toxic patterns and processing emotional traumas.

The Rainbow Journey Package includes:

~ Identifying your healing aims.
~ Detecting toxic patterns in your chakras and energy field. 
~ Energy healing covering the 4 Stages of Healing.
~ Deeper healing and reconditioning of the 7 Chakras. 
~ Feedback on the healing and blocks found.

Price £440


This package includes 3 x Rainbow Journey (21 sessions in total) enhancing the 4 Stages of Healing. 

This is for those of you who desire deeper healing for the Soul, Mind & Body, and are seeking spiritual growth and looking to align your energy with your higher purpose.

The Soul Journey Package includes:

~ Identifying your healing aims.
~ Detecting toxic patterns in your chakras and energy field.
~ Deeper healing and reconditioning of the 7 Chakras. 
~ Creating new patterns that can bring transformation in your life.
~ Feedback on the healing and blocks found.

Price 3 x £440

Nice Words From Nice Clients

"I have been feeling emotionally stronger and more balanced since the treatment.

Simply put, I have been feeling exactly how I've wanted to feel: happy. Yesterday I felt very happy indeed, and in my heart region I felt that a lot of healing was going on as it feels much lighter and more open today.

I am smiling more often now, inside and out. I have this wonderful feeling that whatever obstacles I encounter, everything will be okay because it is for my learning and growth. I seem to have lost that 'poor little me'/victim voice at the back of my mind and I feel so much more empowered by this.

Words cannot express how thankful to you that I am."


Let’s Heal Together!

If you’re ready to shift or heal a certain aspect of your life and create the changes you always wanted, let's do it together! 

You are here because something is not working in your life and you feel 'blocked'. It may be your health, finances, relationships or self confidence, but you must understand that you have the power to turn things around.

So what are you waiting for? Book an Energy Healing session in London Now!