Are Energy Blockages the cause of your problem?

It is scientifically proven that the body has remarkable regenerative powers and is able to replace 98% of its atoms in less than one year.

If so, why is there disease then?

The very word means that the body is in a state of Dis-ease, and it is not being provided with the right conditions to function at its optimal level. The illness or the chronic pain is encoded in the human bio-electromagnetic field in the form of energy blockages or imbalances.

3 Main reasons for energy blockages are:

► physical injuries and illnesses

► emotional or mental trauma

► negative thought patterns and emotions.

These blockages are being locked in the energy field (Aura) and obstruct the energy flow. Long term obstruction prevents the energy flowing into the organs and results in a disease or a symptom.

Your symptoms are different signals from your body, which indicate there is a blockage in your energy field, preventing you from healing and restoring balance.

When the energy blockages are removed, the flow of energy is restored and the body’s natural ability to heal is accelerated.