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Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and I do not diagnose, treat, heal, or cure diseases. My approach is only complementary to healthcare and I do not give advice on prescribed medication. An individual who wishes to alter their medication should consult their doctor before making any changes. Energy and Mind-Body-Soul therapies are not a substitute for conventional medicine of any kind but can facilitate the body's own self-healing mechanism through creating the right conditions.


Single Session 55 min long  £70

Single Session 1h 20 min long £90

Energy Detox Package (4 sessions 55 min long) £240

Rainbow Journey Package (4 + 3 sessions 1h 20 mins long) £320 + £240

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Open : Sundays

Address: North London Group Therapy, 9 Manor Gardens, London, N7 6LA

Skype sessions available as per request.

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9 Manor Gardens
London, N7 6LA